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How to use...

This system monitors our bgp feeds (currently from AS 6450, please send us more) in real time to see if anyone's jacking your space. You should get an alert within a few seconds of someone performing said jacking. We will only alert once per hour at present.

There are 2 mandatory parameters and an optional parameter:
  1. You must specify the prefix
  2. You must specify the list of ASNs that are allowed to originate. The list of ASNs should be comma-delimited with no spaces.
If you don't know what your prefixes are then we can't help right now; we'd just be guessing. If you don't know what ASNs should be originating your routes then you've got bigger problems than a Christian Scientist with Appendicitis.

The optional parameter is whether you want to be alerted for more specifics inside that prefix. Probably you do.

One trickiness -

Let's say you have x/23 set as an alert. If you also set up x/24 as an alert, then even if the x/23 is set as an alert and more specific alert is checked off, we won't look at that rule since you've given us more specific info already.

That only applies for rules within the same user's settings, not across the whole system.

Right now we only reload the alert rules every hour but that will change to be semi-real time shortly.

There are a lot of things we don't do yet:

- 4-byte ASNs
- IPv6
- Tested for huge scale
- Alert history/archival
- Watching the transit part of the AS_PATH for ASNs that must or should never be there, but we might add them if there's interest.

For questions or comments please email

To offer us another BGP feed please email!


The BGP jack-o-meter team
Avi, Andy and Gadi